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Granite Colors

These our most popular Granite Colors. Other colors available upon request and special orders. Please remember actual granite colors will vary from these digital photos.

Email us any questions to [email protected]

Barre Grey Granite

Barre Grey (Vermont)

Blue Pearl Granite from Sweden

Blue Pearl (Sweden)

Canadian Pink Granite from Canada

Canadian Pink (Canada)

Collins Durax Pink Granite from North Carolina

Collins Durax Pink (North Carolina)

Coral Blue Granite from India

Coral Blue (India)

Ebony Mist Granite from Pennsylvania

Ebony Mist (Pennsylvania)

Mahogany Granite from South Dakota

Mahogany (South Dakota)

Midnight Black Granite from India

Midnight Black (India)

Missouri Red Granite from Missouri

Missouri Red (Missouri)

Ontarion Rose Granite from Canada

Ontarion Rose (Canada)

Paradisio Granite from India

Paradisio (India)

Rib Mountain Granite from Wisconsin

Rib Mountain (Wisconsin)

Southern Gray

Southern Gray (Georgia)

St. Alban's Pink Granite from South Carolina

St. Alban's Pink (South Carolina)