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Cemetery Regulations

Every cemetery has regulations in place regarding the styles and size of memorials they permit. Some even go so far as to designate the exact type of material (e.g., granite or marble) and design you must have. In most cases, cemeteries will specify the position a marker must face and where the marker will be placed in relation to the grave. Due to the increase in people burying multiple cremains in a single grave space, cemeteries may also limit how many markers can be placed in a single location.

Most cemeteries require a foundation be poured under the marker or monument. Ones that don’t likely have a standard installation fee. For more information on that, check out our foundation and setting fees page.

If you haven’t checked with your cemetery to find out their specifications, you need to. We have many locations listed in our database, so if you contact us, we can check, too. Or, if you prefer, we have a simple questionnaire you can download to ensure nothing is overlooked.

After you have a firm understanding of your cemetery’s regulations, you can begin designing a monument.

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