Memorials that extend beyond the Cemetery

A loved one’s passing is a somber event. But the time afterward can become an opportunity to remember and celebrate the mark they left on our lives. All of Patten Monuments headstones and monuments include a unique and innovative service that allows loved ones of the departed to participate in sharing their memories with an online community of their beloved and the rest of the world.

Monumark transforms the resting places of family, friends, or loved ones into a living, virtual memorial for online visitors. It keeps the stories, personality, and spirit of the departed alive, linking all those affected by their presence to share and celebrate their history with online custom monuments.

The Monumark website is more than just a static webpage or simple tribute. Using mobile and modern technology, Monumark links physical resting places with virtual communities of their loved ones. In just a few easy steps, visitors enhance and expand their memories with others who knew them, sharing and relating the stories of their lives to the others who knew them—and all those who visit their online memorial.

Monumark offers a service beyond a custom mausoleum, gravesite or memorial: It’s a simple and potent way to recognize and honor those we love, and to learn how they’ve impacted the lives of other friends and strangers along the way.

Digital Monument Signs & QR Codes

How Patten Monuments and Monumark Create Living, Custom Headstones


Monumark creates a small, unobtrusive QR tag to be attached to a loved person’s grave marker in a cemetery, mausoleum, or other memorials. Visitors to the memorial scan the tag at the monument to their smartphone or enter an abbreviated URL into their web browser.

The link connects users to a memorial website associated with the memorial, featuring online submissions from others. These submissions can include personal recollections, stories, or images uploaded by the friends and family of the departed. Users share their memories of the departed with an easy-to-use interface that publishes their thoughts directly to the site. All websites are optimized for viewing on mobile and desktop devices.

The Monumark QR tag also works as a permanent marker for the location of the physical memorial, which can be used with GPS trackers by those visiting the memorial personally. The Monumark database is searchable, allowing users to find the memorial site for specific people or by keywords.

After an initial setup fee and one year of service, Monumark websites are renewable for an annual fee of $2.99. This reasonable annual charge allows for easy, long-term access while keeping the Monumark service innovative and sustainable.

Monumark’s goal is to create a vibrant, lovingly maintained center for remembrances and history, one that will allow visitors to post their reflections and view those of others. More than a collection of custom gravestones, Monumark’s websites are places of honor for all to repay their ongoing respect.


– Tell Their Story

Monumark’s living memorials are places where users can relate their connections and memories to the departed. Visitors reflect on what made their family, friend, or loved one important, and what they represented to others.

Users use the Monumark interface to provide personal narratives and upload their favorite images of their loved ones. These stories and images give a fuller, perpetual account of who the departed was on a personal level, and what they meant to the people whose lives they affected the most.

The Monumark page allows others to experience a dynamic account of human life and encourages them to reflect and relate their own stories as well. It produces a connective narrative that paints a vivid picture of all aspects of a person’s life.

– Share Your Memories

The Monumark memorial gives each visitor the chance to express their specific remembrances of the departed: the events they shared, the activities they enjoyed, the things they said or believed, and their presence at different stages of visitors’ lives.

Using images and stories, visitors can observe and reflect upon the unique journey of their lives. Monumark memorials offer a singular view of those common elements in human life that resound with everyone—challenges, accomplishments, interests, relationships, travels, and more.

– Preserve the Location

Online custom headstones from Monumark do more than create a virtual visiting place—they also make it easier for users to find and visit the physical memorial or gravesite. Each QR code links to GPS systems, providing quick navigation to the physical cemetery, mausoleum or memorial.

Device users looking to pay their respects in person use the QR code with their smartphone, using it with whatever navigation program they normally use to easily find the location of the memorial. In this way, the Monumark webpage establishes a permanent link to the physical memorial site for all who look to pay their respects in person.

– Visit from Anywhere

Monumark virtual memorials are accessible to any device, mobile or desktop, to any location in the world with internet service. Users from places far and near are welcome to share their stories, upload their favorite images, and tell their memories of the departed.

More than just providing easy access, this allows for a broader connection with the loved one’s friends and family across multiple locations. It gives a better sense of how widely and powerfully their impact spread to others who knew them, creating a powerful sentiment that bonds them with a variety of people from all over the world.

– Keep the Memory Alive

The Monumark website is a living document. Long after the physical services are held, it helps us remember our loved ones on a permanent, always present basis. It’s a daily reminder of their everyday importance in our lives, an easy way to maintain a connection with them on an ongoing basis.

With a variety of stories, imagery, personal recollections, and experiences on their online custom monuments, Patten Monument and Monumark preserve the spirit and vitality of the departed in respectful and loving ways. They’re built to endure through multiple generations and eras, serving as eternal portrayals of the past lives that still have enormous effects and impact on the living.


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