Questions to ask before purchasing cemetery plots

Posted on 07/5/18 | Articles, Featured

Purchasing cemetery plots can be a difficult and intimidating process. When making uncomfortable decisions often questions we should ask go overlooked in order to complete the process as quickly as possible. There are not right or wrong answers to the questions below. Each cemetery is different and each has their own reasons for the rules and regulations they require. However it is important to know what to expect from the cemetery.

Below are a series of questions that should be considered or asked prior to purchasing a cemetery plot.

  • What size are the grave spaces?
  • What size memorial/monument is allowed on the grave? (Left to right length, top to bottom height, and front to back width)
  • Are there any requirements on the material type of the memorial? (Bronze, Granite, Marble, no restrictions)
  • How does the cemetery prevent the stone from settling, is a foundation poured?
  • Are there other charges from the cemetery after the initial purchase? Opening and Closing? Foundation or installation charges? Other?
  • Is an additional military marker allowed at the foot of the grave of Veterans?
  • Does the cemetery have a maintenance team? How often is it mowed/monitored/cleaned?
  • Does the cemetery allow decorations? Natural flowers, in ground plants/flowers, artificial flowers, other decorations?


If cremation is desired:

  • How many cremated remains can fit on a single grave?
  • What additional costs are associated with cremation?
  • Are cremains able to be interred above ground in a personal columbarium/monument, or are they required to be buried?


Again, there are not necessarily right and wrong answers to the questions, the most important reason to know the answers is to avoid any unexpected situations or costs in the future.


Photo taken at Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI